Chapter 1: planting seeds

So, first post. Lots of pressure to get it right.

Like a book’s opening lines, a first blog post sets the tone, lets the reader know what kind of ride they’re in for, and whether you’re an author worth sticking with.

There’s no shortage of advice out there on how to grow a blog, some of it I’ve given to clients myself. Crucial first steps include determining why you’re blogging, identifying your audience and their needs/preferences, honing your message, your themes and more.

You don’t just start mucking about. (Fiction writers will hear echoes of the whole pantser vs. plotter debate).

But I kind of like mucking about! Fiction writing for me is a long journey of discovery with many detours along the way, some of which I want to explore on this blog.

If you stick around, you’ll read posts about writing and the writing process, my own and others. About books and the folks who produce them. And because when I’m noodling ideas around in my head, trying to break through a rough passage, or procrastinating on a scene, I head for the garden, there’ll be posts about that too.

My guiding stars for the blog as I get started? Discipline. Accountability. Community.

Develop discipline for myself as a writer through regular practice of the craft. Demonstrate accountability to readers by producing strong content. Build a community of fellow writers who like mucking about, too.

Let’s see what grows.