WIM: Self-editing

Self edits

After letting my rough draft for the Writer In Motion project sit for a few days, this morning I tackled my self-edits.

I caught a number of weak and confusing areas on my read-over, as well as places to make the language more powerful and evocative. I managed to trim it down to 1095 words, but I’ve still got 95 more to go.

With feedback from my fellow WIM writers, and constructive input from my pals in the Twitter #WritingCommunity, Gail Sproule and Sarah Shuff, as well as my husband, I also pinpointed the parts readers loved and the parts they thought were just meh.

You can click the photo to see a PDF of my edits and notes to self. Watch for the self-edited story to go up on Saturday. Then, next week, it’s off to my critique partners in this project for another round of edits and input.

I hope you’ll stay tuned and take time to check out the other WIM authors’ wonderful stories and blog posts on their editing processes.

What do you think? Did I miss anything?