My 7 fave blogs for digging deep on craft

Today, I thought I’d share with you my seven favourite writer/author blogs that have helped me become a better writer.

All the seven blogs on my list have regular, lively craft discussion with limited promo and feature some very talented writers. They also nurture respectful communities and discussion in their comments section.

I’ve been a loyal reader of all these blogs for several years and they’re on my daily coffee blog stroll. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Killzone – Multi author blog with daily updates. Thriller/mystery/suspense focus but solid all round writing advice. Highlight: Their First Page Critiques
  2. Writer Unboxed – Another multi-contributor blog focusing on both the craft and business sides of writing. First class writing advice from bestselling authors, working writers, and industry professionals.
  3. Terrible Minds – Author Chuck Wendig’s blog, featuring his kick-ass writing advice, and interesting book and craft talk from contributors.
  4. Writers in the Storm – Great writing advice and support from a team of authors at all levels of their journey.
  5. The Creative Penn – Blog and website of author Joanna Penn who writes both thrillers and craft books, as well as running a podcast, YouTube channel and more. Also great for business/publishing talk.
  6. Argh Ink – Blog of NYT bestselling author Jennifer Crusie. Lots of great craft discussion. Crusie isn’t shy about sharing her process and drafts and it’s a wonderful learning opportunity. She also answers questions.
  7. Storyfix – Blog of author/craft teacher Larry Brooks. His 10-part story structure series was a game changer for me.

What are your favourite blogs for authors?